Monday, September 06, 2010

On hiatus

I know I still owe people emails and exchanges, as well as pictures for blogs and stuff - not to mention the Travelling Stitcher pattern, and my freebie patterns. And I was beginning to get a handle on stuff, as one of the stresses in my life got to a bearable place.

And then my sister has been in hospital this last week as an emergency admission. Whilst my parents are away on holiday (ssh, we're not telling them). So I've been visiting and trying to help where I can, in a week that leads up to my employer's national conference.

Is my life a soap opera right now? If so, I never wanted to be on TV in the first place!

Apologies to all those who I'm letting down, I will try and make it up to you. And if you can send good thoughts my sister's way, they would be appreciated. This is the second major health scare with a close family member in the last ten months :(