Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Christmas Exchange

This exchange was organised by Simone, and my sender was Robin - she knew I like sheep, so stitched me the lovely Little House ornament in the picture. She also handcrafted the Christmas card that came with it.

The sheepie is so nice, he's going to stay in my smalls basket all winter, at least!

Noel - Homespun Elegance

Again, this design came from a JCS Ornament issue, but it is probably almost unrecognisable from the original, as that was for a four pointed cushion. I was doing this as a SAL on Chartswappers, and didn't want to buy the pillow, so I used the elements and charted them for a vertical design.

This was finished as a mini bell pull, as given to my dad for Christmas 2007.

Snow - Gail Bussi

This design comes from the JCS Ornament Issue 2002, and was stitched as part of the Chartswappers SAL. I finally made it up into a mini-pillow in December! I stitched the circle in full, then slit the back to put the stuffing in, mattress stitched it and hid the stitching with a ribbon.

Christmas Exchange

I'm trying to get the back log of pictures caught up with. This was another Christmas exchange I sent out, but I can't remember at the moment who too! That's bad ...

I do remember what the design is though - it's a Bent Creek snowman, from an old JCS ornament edition (2002 or 2003) - stitched on black aida with various overdyed threads.

And here is a picture of the whole exchange:

Monday, February 18, 2008

Christmas Exchange to Mylene

This was the exchange that I stitched for Mylene - it's a Lavender Wings designs from an old JCS Ornament Edition. To the package, I added some Christmassy threads and ribbon, a Victoria Sampler Angel freebie plus Teeny Kit, a necklace and a stitched card.

Normal Service Will Now Resume ...

Just before Christmas, and in the middle of all my end of semester stuff and Christmas preparation, I got the norovirus (winter vomiting bug). Then after that, I got a flu type virus - I couldn't even eat Christmas dinner, never mind cook it! Once I'd recovered, I started a new job, plus had to write some more essays over my Christmas vacation from university. So, something had to give, and it was this blog - and as my stitching came to a bit of a halt, there wasn't really much to post about anyway!

However, I'm fully recovered, and I'm in the swing of being employed again and combining working with everything else. I don't have as much time to stitch, but I have been putting needle to thread and have a few finishes to show you ...

I have pruned my blogs that I read on Google reader, and I probably still won't comment much, but hopefully we can still "meet" in cyberspace from time to time!

Crazy Exchange from Edda

Edda sent me this fantastic exchange all the way from Iceland:

In it was the most delicately stitched fob - for which I've been out and bought some new scissors! - yummy purple ribbon and floss, and the sweetest bee patterned fabric, as well as a fascinating postcard.

Many thanks, Edda, I shall have to get thinking about something worthy for the return!