Sunday, May 16, 2010

May Biscornu and Fob - Free Cross Stitch Chart!

May brings flocks of pretty lambs
Skipping by their fleecy dams

As a knitter, how could I not have sheep and lambs on the May biscornu? I love how frisky and frolicking lambs become very sedate sheep ... although not always very bright, it has to be said!

A lot of the wealth of England in the Middle Ages and Tudor period came from sheep. It's why, in tiny villages there are huge churches - built on the wealth accumulated from these most humble of animals.

The chart follows my usual format of using only three colours so it should be quick and easy to stitch. I think it will look best on a pastel coloured fabric or natural linen. It might look cute to make one of the sheep black...

The scissor fob can be personalised with your own initials as I've included a full alphabet

If you would like a copy of the chart, please comment below and leave an email address unless yours is visible in your blog profile. Some people ask for charts but I have no way of getting them to them :o( Charts are sent in PDF format.

If you do stitch this design, I'd love to see the finished article - and there will be a prize for any I show on my blog!

Although there is no charge for this chart, a donation to the MS Trust for this chart would be appreciated. Pennies will do - and you can make a donation by clicking here. You have raised £83 so far with your kind donations - let's see if we can make it a nice, round £100!

There is no obligation to make a donation - you will be sent the chart whether or not you choose to make a donation, as I appreciate that some people are not in a financial position to do so.

This pattern is offered for personal, non-commercial use only. Items made from this pattern may be sold on a small scale basis such as on Etsy or at craft sales. Sales for charity are positively encouraged! This pattern and the text and photos contained within, may not be copied or reproduced for any purpose other than personal use. Please direct people to this blog rather than forwarding the pattern, thank you! Copyright 2010 N M Wray


Pike said...

Yes, please! I know whom to send these stitched. A blogging friend loves all things sheepy :)


Kathy A. said...

This one is just too cute Nic. I would love a copy -
I sent an email a few days ago asking for initials for stitched piece for exchange - did you get it?

Angela said...

Love it.

Please send me a copy of the pattern. As soon as I have some spare pennies I will certainly donate to your charity.

email address

Unknown said...

Oh I love this one its sooooo cute!! please send me the free chart thanks

vivian said...

I would love a copy of this chart as well as April which I missed, so very cute. I am getting to like these little lamb in designs.
very nice designs.

vivian said...

I would love a copy of this chart as well as April which I missed, so very cute. I am getting to like these little lamb in designs.
very nice indeed and I have linen for that in my stash too.
Also three color, gotta love that.

DonnaTN said...

This is a cute one! I would love to have the lambs! Thanks Nic!

Meari said...

Oh, very cute! I'd be interested in these sheep charts.

H O L L Y said...

Hi Nic,

Yes, please, I would love to have the May charts. I just adore the little sheep. So cute!


Charmed Life said...

Oh another lovely pattern. I would love a copy. My email is

Sunshine said...

So Cute, and Very Unique! I'd love to have the chart.

Unknown said...

Well Nic, I am a few days late, have been off line for about a week, but would love the lamb cs, and congratulations on your new position. BarbM

Mary said...

How adorable. I would love to receive this pattern. Thanks, Mary

Lynn said...

I would love Jan. Feb. and May patterns. They are darling. This will be my first biscornu. Thank you so much for sharing with us and I will send you a picture when completed. Thank you.

MargaretHolly said...

Please send me your lovely May design. Thank you so much.

socialsue said...

Please send me ur May biscornu and scissor fob chart. I would love to stitch the of my favorite farm animals.


Unknown said...

I recently given a PIF which this design was used and it is gorgeous.
Could I have the pattern as I would love to stitch myself a fob to go with the biscornu.
Thank you

Roni said...

You are so gifted at designing biscornus and fobs. I would love a copy of the lambs. My email is

Anne Sans Tete said...



- Lisa N.

Joy in Bama said...

I would also love to have these charts for myself. Love knitting/crochet. Something about yarn flowing thru my fingers puts me in a trance, lol.
Thank You

Carla said...

Would love this design again it is adorable and Thank You!!

Line @ WikkidWoman said...

Adorable sheep, please send me a copy.

Here is my e-mail

Thanks so much