Friday, May 07, 2010

We're Living in Interesting Times...

Well, the Conservatives have got the most seats, but not an outright majority. The Liberal Democrats have lost ground, despite Nick Clegg's popularity, and the bloody, bloody British National Party have increased their share of the vote to 5.5% in my area - which means that, given the turnout and an average of two adults per household, that one person in every 14 houses round here voted for the bastards.

My sitting MP - Meg Munn - got re-elected, but with a hugely reduced majority. I hope she sits up and takes notice, her loss was much more than the national swing away from Labour, so it's personal this time.  There was trouble at my local polling station though, when the polls closed with some people still queueing to vote - I think the Returning Officer is going to have some questions to answer, as there was also trouble elsewhere in the city.

There was some good news - a Green Party MP was elected for the first time - well done Caroline Lucas. Pete Wishart - the ex Runrig band member - (SNP) retained his seat, which was a Tory target, and in a neighbouring constituency, Paul Blomfield, who I know through working with the Student Union, got in on a tiny majority (165) - he may not represent the party I voted for, but he's a great bloke and will get stuff done.

There's going to be some horse trading going on now while various agreements and coalitions get negotiated.And if none of this works, we'll go through the whole thing again in a year or so. It's one in the eye for the people who maintain a "first past the post" system gives clearer results - this could be the election that finally gets us effective electoral reform in all sorts of areas, and about time too!

And perhaps this blog and my mind will return to more fun stuff... watch this space :o)

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Anonymous said...

The BNP thing really scares me :( I'm sorry that they're becoming increasingly well supported in certain areas.

Apparently several areas of the country had problems with voters getting turned away - I think they'll have to sort this out for next time, otherwise it makes a mockery of the whole democratic process.