Thursday, May 06, 2010

It's Decision Day! - and Help Me Track Down a Freebie!

Today's the day - probably at the end of the day we will have a new Government, maybe even a hung parliament. It's been the most exciting and hard to call election for years, and I'm just off to vote and get in some snacks as I'm planning on staying up to listen to the results coming in.

One of my university tutors is leaving at the end of the semester because of budget cuts :o( She's been FABULOUS - I've done at least one of her modules every year on my degree, and I was hoping that she could be my dissertion supervisor :o/ Anyway, Dr. M is also a crafty person, and I thought I would stitch her something as a token of my appreciation. Her specialty is Gothic literature, and she also adores Wuthering Heights. And okay, we disagree on that :o) but I thought I could commemoratate that as there is a Wuthering Heights freebie out there - and I can't find it. I can picture it in my mind - slightly prim, pretty much just the words. I've checked my Primitive Betty's, The Sampler Girl, Heartstrings Primitives, La D Da files - in fact all my files. And I'm stumped. Does anyone recognise the freebie? Or have I imagined it and it's actually inspiration for one of my own designs? LOL

Right, and now I'm going to put in an hour on an essay due for the above tutor - it's all about The Heart of Darkness, so a little grim but mesmerising!


Sabine R said...

Would it be "Reader, I married him" that you are thinking of? You should be able to find it on The design has a girl and the words in it and a border round it.

riona said...

I thought of the Jane Eyre piece immediately but I don't know of anything for Wuthering Heights ... but it might be worth checking out the link in the previous post. If a designer likes one Bronte, she may very well like another.

demeter83 said...

I know of a Wuthering Heights piece but, it's not a freebie and it's quite big so it would probably take a bit of work, but I can send you a picture of it if you're interested, and can then probably send it to you. It was either in Cross Stitcher or Cross Stitch Collection originally.
If you're interested, let me know on or drop me a message on my blog.

Tracey said...

Tanya at The Sampler Girl did a design for Gift of Stitching called "on the Moors with Emily Bronte"-can't remember what it says.. it's retired now but you may be able to find it on ebay? She released it as a leaflet as well.

Diane said...

The one that Tracey mentioned is in The Gift of Stitching issue 42/July 2009. The back issue is available on their web site, individually and as part of the 2009 bundle. I read Wuthering Heights 30+ years ago, so I don't recall if the quote is from it or not. It reads, "On a bank of heath in the middle of the moors with bees humming dreamily among the bloom."