Wednesday, May 12, 2010

April Review

We're almost halfway through the month, and I haven't reviewed April yet. Not that it feels like May, we apparently had a snow flurry in Sheffield yesterday, but my eyes were glued to the computer screen. At least that essay is in - and now I only have an exam and one more essay to do this semester. If I chose to finish my studies now, I would have a Dip. HE, but I'm going to slog it out for another two years to get my degree and graduate.

Anyway, where was I?

Finish UFOs:

  • Lizzie*Kate Round Robin - Lizzie*Kate - no, not even looked at
  • Passing Time - DMC (Little Suzi's Zoo) - ditto
  • Chevron Socks 2  - no, these are still on the needles, but closer to being finished
  • You Shall Be Queen Afghan- by the end of April, I had finished and blocked all the squares, so I'm counting this as done! I knitted 33 squares for it this month, more than one per day!
  • My Needle and Floss Comfort Me - Waxing Moon - no, not a stitch was placed
Start and Finish:
  • F is for Friend (Prairie Schooler ABC SAL)- no, not even looked at
Frame or have Framed:
  • June- no - the frame has been chosen, just need to mount it.
  • Sow Kind Seeds - ditto
  • Morning Song - yes, and the framers did another super job
  • Bee My Honey Bee - no, still waiting
  • April Biscornu & Fob Design - yes, and you can find the chart here
  • Easter Biscornu & Fob Design - the design is done, but I'm going to be limiting the freebies from now on, as I have plans :o)
  • Get previous giveaways mailed out- er - no. Sorry!
  •  £20 for the MS Trust - I received two extremely generous donations overnight on 30 April/1 May, so I'm going to count this as done - thank you ladies for your contributions!

 So, what else did I do? Apart from Uni work, job applications and such?

  • Hooked on Exchanges Winter House Exchange - I will share pics soon, I promise!
  • Clapotis 2 - another large wrap knitted and I love it!
  • Liberty Print Pincushion - one of my oldest UFOs got made up into a finished item - yay!
  • Bee Happy - framed
  • Be Kind - framed
  • Be Gentle - framed

 So, not one of my most productive months in terms of number of projects, but when you consider that the afghan has 48 squares in it, actually not bad!

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