Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May Goals

My goal for the month is just to get through! May is awful in terms of the commitments I have - two family birthdays, and then all the assessment for my Uni courses. And to add to the stress, I'm looking for a new job - I didn't get the previous one I applied for, but I have an interview for another job tomorrow, which is more money and in walking distance of where I live - it's about 20 minutes stroll away, and another 5 minutes takes me to the quilt shop. If I got the job, it would be dangerous at lunchtimes...

May Goals

  • Chevron Socks 2 - I'm halfway down the foot on the second, so it shouldn't take long
  • My Needle and Floss Comfort Me - it's more or less just the lettering to do. Keep looking at my blog for details of the draw to pass the pattern on
  • You Shall Be Queen Afghan - the border

Finish UFO:
  •  I'm going to give this a miss this month.
Start and Finish:

  • A gift for my favourite tutor - I've designed it myself. There's two parts, one of which I may share on my blog.
  • Early Christmas ornament for exchange

Frame or Have Framed
  • Bee Merry
  • Bee Mine
  • Bee Joyful
  • Country Cottage - I want to make this into a cushion for my niece.
  • May Biscornu and Fob Chart - this is done, I'm going to post it at the weekend.
  • Get previous things posted out

  •  £20 for the MS Trust - it would be amazing if I could get £27, because then I would get my target, but mustn't be greedy!
Right, let's see how I get on with these!


Marnie said...

Great list! Good luck with school and the job hunt. You can do it!

Angela said...

Good luck with the job hunting.

Meari said...

Good luck with your May goals.