Monday, December 10, 2007


Okay, okay, I know I'm on a stash diet, but what can a girl do when faced with 8 boxes of kits for sale in her favourite charity shop? I don't know if they were someone's stash (in which case, it makes me look like an amateur) or if they were from a shop that has closed (although I can't think of one locally) but I was so pleased I dropped in on my way back from working on my Creative Media project.

All the kits were being sold for £5 each, in aid of the local hospice, so I didn't feel too guilty about buying the stash, as it was in aid of a good cause! Most of the kits were a bit too floral for me (no sheep or bees!) but I did get the following:

London Skyline - Heritage Stitchcraft

This reminds me of a lovely holiday DP (Dear Partner) and I had. My closest friend J was living in a flat in St Katherine's Dock (ie 5 minutes walk from the Tower of London) at the time and we made the most of being in the heart of the city, walking up and down the Thames, taking in all the sights. We used the river taxis a couple of times to go to Greenwich, too. It was a special time for us. DP is originally from Canada, although his late father was a Cockney from the East End of London, and it was nice to introduce him to his heritage - although I think it boggled his mind a bit!

The Pyramids - Heritage Stitchcraft

This is a reminder of a fantastic holiday I had in Egypt (pre-DP) - I adored Egypt and I would love to go back someday! I got to go on a camel safari in Aswan, and I thought the bad reputation camels have for being grumpy and smelly was undeserved :o) It's quite strange though, as the riding position is quite a long way from the ground, and there's usually not much in the way of a saddle, or stirrups!

Blackwork Sampler - DMC

I liked this when it first came out, but couldn't justify buying it at the time - it was nearly £20 and I do have a lot of sampler charts! I gave into temptation though, especially as the floss colours looked so nice in the kit - nicer than the picture, actually.

Autumn in the Square - Just Nan

I couldn't resist the chart and charm for £1, could I? I don't really like the charm, but the chart is sweet! Just Nan can sometimes be a bit too flowery and girly for me, but I do like this chart - I probably won't stitch the others in the series though - well, not if I have to pay full price! :o)

Hopefully, I'm going to have some time to stitch these, but these might have to wait for my retirement - only 27 years to go until I'm 65... :o)


marci said...

Nice to have your back! :) Looks like you hit the mother lode there.

snowy said...

I just had to say I love that DMC blackwork sampler. I am so jealous, only £5.00!!! I will have to look out for it.
(I was just browsing "blackwork" on my interest list...

Sally said...

Wow, they are brilliant Nic! Lucky you:)

TeresaB said...

Love the one of Egypt. I took a trip there as well and would go again anytime. Just loved it. Your stash enhancement took me right back there.

Ruth said...

Wow! That's some great stashing! i have the JN-- I have all of the series, but , like you it may be decades before I get to do them! lol The Egyptian piece is really chatting to me. I might need to find that one myself one day.

Michelle said...

Great stash - and for a good cause - you can't beat that!