Monday, March 31, 2008


Well, I finished the good luck present for the two guys I work with - it turned into a small flatfold, and they were thrilled with it! I should have a photo to show of it completed when it comes back from being a lucky charm in the dressing room ...

I'm working on the pinkeep for the Hooked on Exchanges exchange, and I think I've chosen too big a design - especially as I'm stitching it on 28 count fabric. When I've made it up, it will be about 5" x 6" which seems a trifle large to me. I do have a smaller design I could stitch as a replacement ... especially as this current design would fit into the "freebie" theme for the next exchange, if I'm fast enough to sign up. Oh, what to do ... perhaps this is a sign I should keep away from exchanges, as I cocked up the last one I was in too, I got the lady's birthday date wrong :o( How silly - and such a shame for the recipient! The package is in the post now, of course, but I haven't heard if it's got there yet.

I'm having trouble getting my digital camera to talk to my PC at the moment - the PC recognises it's there, but it won't upload the photos! I've got stacks of finishes to share, but no way of showing pictures ... I might bring the camera and USB cable to work, and try and sort things during my lunch break, as this blog is rather dull without pictures! It's probably a bit dull with them, but I tell myself there are people interested in my witterings...

Right, I'm going to go and get stitching on a pinkeep - which one yet, I don't know!

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Sally said...

Hi Nic,
Thanks for your comment on my blog about Queen:) Would love to do a SAL with you but I only have one JN in my stash now and that's 4 Wishes. Do you have that one?