Monday, February 16, 2009


Well, I seem to have my stitching mojo back, having been immersed in knitting for the past little while. I'm feeling a little blue about my knitting at the moment. Not only have Royal Mail lost a shawl I made for my best friend, my beret fell off on the way to work between getting off the bus and into the office (about 150 yards) and despite searching for it, hasn't appeared :o( I'm beginning to feel that my knitting is jinxed ...

I haven't got an awful lot of finished stitching to show you, as I've been mainly working on exchange pieces, although I will post my Valentine finish shortly.


This is a sneak peek at my first finish - for the Biscornu Exchange over on HoE. I used a design from a designer my partner lists as one of her favourites. Which design? Ha, you'll have to wait and see ... I stitched a variant of the same design for the back on a different colour fabric (a la Just Nan) and personalised it. It was really interesting to see just how much changing the fabric colour made to the design


This is my 'commute' project, although I confess it is slow going - I've decided knitting is definitely easier on the bus than stitching! I can reveal what this one will be - it's Holly Berry Sampler by Bent Creek - and I'm stitching it to finally finish the series. The other two are sitting complete - even with their buttons on - on the same piece of fabric. I'm not sure how I will finish these - possibly a tall and skinny set of pinkeeps.


This is going to be a little gift for a friend of mine who had a baby recently. The pregnancy was a bit of a surprise - my friend didn't realise until two months before the birth that she was expecting!

I think I will frog the yellow lettering - although it is nice and cheerful, I don't think it stands out very well. I think I might replace it with a lilac, as the baby is a little girl. I have a sweet rocking horse button to attach too.

The design is Bless the Baby by Lizzie*Kate


I finished this design for my partner on the Year Round Prairie Schooler Exchange. I wanted to stitch something special for a special blogging friend, and I think (blowing my own trumpet, I know!) I've succeeded. I used a part of a larger sampler, from an out of print chart. Which one? Well, that's for me to know and you to find out :o)

Right, I must get off and get some uni work done... Happy stitching!

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Jean said...

Lots of work and lots of MYSTERY! I love it!!

Sorry about your lost pieces. I hate when I lose stuff that are my favorites-especially one of a kind items. I hope it turns up magically!

I can't wait to see the finished projects. I think the change to lilac would be really pretty on the baby piece, but I'm sure in reality the yellow is great, too. It's a little hard to see in the picture. I love Lizzie Kate! Wow - a surprise baby that only took "two months" of pregnancy- amazing. What a great surprise in life!