Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Floss Tag Exchange Received

I had another nice mail day yesterday - which I needed, I've got laryngitis and I was feeling sorry for myself!

sent me this super exchange, which she themed on her local area - Alsace - using colours which reflect her surroundings - a really interesting idea!

As you can see, Laurence stitched a very pretty floss tag, and it's personalised on the back too. I think the design is from The Prairie Schooler. She also included some Waterlilies silk floss in a gorgeous mix of colours, and a ceramic plaque - the folk style will look great with my decor! - and packed everything in a sweet little bag, which I can use for carrying small projecst around.

And here is a closer look at Laurence's delicate stitching.

Thank you Laurence, I love it!


Barbara said...

Oh, that is really gorgeous!

Ruth said...

What a lucky stitcher you are. That's quite a lovely exchange!

lin ficelle said...

Hello Nic, I stiched this floss tag with a lot of pleasure for you. Prairie Schooler is one of my favorite designer. XX