Sunday, November 02, 2008

October Review and New Goals

I had forgotten, over the summer break, just how much of my free time my university classes take up - and I have three this semester! So what with working too, my stitching output is a lot less, although my knitting output is up, thanks to the commuting time.

October Goals Review
  • HoE Halloween Exchange - DONE - I stitched 'Spooky' by SanMan Originals and made it into a treat bag.
  • Purple ZigZag Socks - DONE - my first socks :o) - the start of a new addiction...
  • Lots of Big Knit Little Hats - 78 DONE - I'm pretty pleased with how many I got finished for this good cause, and they are so cute :o)
  • HoE Mattress Pincushion Exchange - DONE - but I've just realised I haven't posted a picture, I'll rectify that later.
  • Mostly Black Socks - nearly done, I've just the toe shaping to do, and that's a Christmas present out of the way!
  • HoE Floss Tag Exchange - I've stitched two floss tags, but I can't show them as they've not arrived with the recipient yet.
  • Summer Into Autumn - The Drawn Thread - still not finished, but I really will try and complete it soon.
  • Trick or Treat - Lizzie*Kate - not finished
Other October Finishes:

  • French Country IV: Pumpkin - JBW Designs
  • Jacquard Socks - one done!
I've decided not to separate November and December, as many of my projects for the next few weeks will be Christmas gifts anyway, so here are my pre-Christmas goals - these are all for gifting:

  • 17 Nov - HoE Christmas Ornament Exchange
  • 20 Nov - Christmas Ornament Exchange
  • 20 Dec - Scarf for Dad
  • 20 Dec - Sampler for Sister
  • 20 Dec - Ornament for Molly
  • 20 Dec - Ornament for Parents
  • 20 Dec - Ornament for Sister
  • 20 Dec - Scarf for BiL
  • 20 Dec - Socks for Ma
  • 20 Dec - Socks for Molly
  • 20 Dec - Socks for Jacquie
  • 24 Dec - Gloves for The Hermit
  • 24 Dec - Scarf for The Hermit
And for me:
  • Jacquard Socks
  • Summer into Autumn - The Drawn Thread


Jill said...

Your first mattress pincushion in beautiful. Great exchange!

Lee said...

Have a wonderful time during your retreat!