Friday, November 07, 2008


I've been working on gifties this week. I now have a little surprise for each of the knitters going to the Knitpickers retreat next weekend - I can't share, as I know one of them reads this blog :o) - and I will be making something else for them too.

My socks for best friend are nearly done, but dark evenings and black yarn doesn't make a good mix, and I will have to finish them in daylight this weekend. I've started a pair of socks for my niece though, and they are bright and cheerful and so cute, as she has tiny feet!

I'm making a scarf for The Hermit, and I'm really enjoying that - it is a simple cable pattern, so it fairly simple but with enough to keep my attention.

And I've been working on the HoE exchange. As well as making a Christmas ornament, I thought I'd add a floss tag, so picked a freebie design... Winter, by Trail Creek Farm (hmmm, freebies appear to have been taken down). Then I realised that, as my partner is in the Southern Hemisphere, it is actually going to be summer there ... sigh...

I have a finish to share too, but that can wait for another day...

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Jill said...

I just read your posting on the "Hooked On Exchanging" blog.

You have no idea how RELIEVED I am that you finally received at least this 2nd package. And, maybe, with any luck, the first package will show up someday. It sounds like you are happy with what you received and I am glad for that also. I only wish it would have been in time for Halloween.

Have a great day,