Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Speedy Cable Beret


Design: Speedy Cable Beret - Ravelry link here to free design
Designer: Paulina Chin
Yarn: Rowan Spray (60% wool, 40% acrylic) Colour 005 Mood
Needles: 8mm and 9mm

One of my local charity shops provided the yarn - I think I paid £0.50 for the ball, which is rather less than the RRP of £7.95 - but there was only one ball of this colour. So, what to make?

Well, of course a quick search of Ravelry provided the solution, and I got to work on this pattern. The pattern itself is great, but I think the yarn is really a bit too busy for it, as it doesn't really show up the cables well. And the yarn was *horrible* to work with. For something that was 60% wool, it was like working with a really bad acrylic. For such a "name" yarn, that sells for so much, I was very disappointed. And I think the project looks a bit like a sea anemone, or perhaps a jelly fish, if you take into account my hair acting as tendrils...


If I'm looking a little anxious, I was balancing my (then new) camera on the windowsill in the bathroom to use the self timer. Oh, and I don't have a vicious blemish on my nose - it's a diamond stud :o)


I have another ball of this yarn, in a green colourway. I'm not sure what to do with it - possibly a plain version of this beret, to show off the yarn better. And this beret may yet get ripped back - what do you think?

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CindyMae said...

I love it, great job!