Friday, September 25, 2009


I'm sitting in a place with free wi-fi and an hour between meetings and my netbook in my bag, so what better opportunity to update my blog. Let's face it, it's probably the only opportunity I'm going to get ...

Work is busier than ever - the general manager of the company I do most of my work for has moved onto pastures new, and I've stepped up to cover some of his role until a new person is appointed. The trustees did ask if I would be applying, and I gently made my excuses - I'm not looking for a full time role until after 2012 (when I graduate) and - to be honest - possibly not even then, as the lure of academia may prove just too strong!  I've also started some paid work with the University in improving student representation, which will be interesting, and hopefully will only take up a couple of hours a week ... famous last words?

I got to make my professional performance debut a couple of Saturdays ago... I do most of my work for a circus theatre company and we are developing a new show, and we piloted some ideas at a community event, improvising on the theme of fairy tales. I think it's fair to say my creative leanings are better expressed through the medium of needles, thread, yarn and fabric but the finished result was well received. I even got some of the locals passing by - all tattoos and 'bling' - to stand up and recite their favourite nursery rhymes ... 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' as declaimed by a 'hard case' is something to behold...

(I'm not showing you pictures of the performance. The point of fairy tales is to use your imagination!)

I'd been coming down with something before the performance but 'the show must go on' and a combination of Coca Cola and Sudafed got me through - which of course meant a massive crash in the days following and an absolutely streaming feverish cold - I'm fairly certain that, nasty though it was, it wasn't the dreaded swine flu! The Hermit was his usual considerate self, providing hot drinks and hot water bottles when demanded required! I wasn't really up to anything more demanding than listening to the radio when feeling so washed out - it did seem like a waste of good crafting time though!

(No pictures either, runny eyes and noses are not attractive!)

So, crafting wise, what have I been up to? Well, I've finished another knitted wrap for myself, which is very timely as there has been a distinct autumnal feel in the air lately. And I made a couple of 'blanket buddies' for friends' new babies. They were rewardingly quick to knit and look very effective. There was a stitched piece for an exchange (and there's one to finish-finish) but I'm really not doing much cross stitch at all - I'm just so tired at the end of the day that my eyes can't focus on such close work and knitting is just easier ... Perhaps it's time to treat myself to a powerful daylight lamp? I also managed to miss Anna's (Stitch Bitch's) Swirlygig competition, even though I had two stitched versions to make up, and I've decided to pass on a couple of exchanges offered because of this stitching slump. The good news is that Neat Country Stuff has come back from the framer and is on my wall ...

(There might be pictures of this stuff. Sometime. You never know...)

Righty ho, must get cracking and on to my next meeting - hopefully, there will  be a more stitchy based post soon!

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drea_dear said...

Sorry to hear that you missed entering the Swirlygig comp! I would love to see how you stitched the piece. When your life slows down, lol