Thursday, October 01, 2009

September Review and October Goals

These were my goals for September:

  • Friends Through Threads Exchange -DONE - I stitched part of a Mary Garry freebie, and got creative with the finishing...
  • Hooked on Exchanges Fall Needleroll Exchange - DONE. I can't reveal what I stitched, as it hasn't yet arrived, but I loved working on it, and stitched a matching Floss Tag, too!
  • Stitch on one kitted chart - this will be She Gathers, by 4 My Boys - NO, didn't even pull the floss
  • Stitch on one UFO - NO
  • Stitch on one kit - NO
  • Knit more smoothie hats for The Big Knit - YES, I've knitted over 60 little hats now, I'm going to do some more before mailing next week.
  • Work on the New England Stole - YES - I finished this, it's more a wrap than a stole
  • Keep to a stash diet - buying only threads and trims needed for the pieces I'm working on - SORT OF. I didn't buy any stitching stuff, but there was a craft fair last weekend and I got yarn for four more pairs of socks at bargain prices, so ...
I managed also to:

  • Work on my Mini Cable Socks - I'm on the foot of the second one
  • Make Bunny Blanket Buddy 1
  • Make Bunny Blanket Buddy 2
With tiredness and evenings getting darker, I'm knitting more than I'm stitching. A lot more. And I feel guilty about it, which is ridiculous!After all, I could knit before I could sew, and it's not like I'm spending my time vegged out in front of the TV, or getting roaring drunk or terrorising little old ladies ...

My October goals are simple:

Finish the Mini Cable Socks
Start Through The Loops Mystery Sock KAL
Knit more Smoothie Hats
Finish HoE's Hallowe'en Exchange Piece
Finish one UFO
Start one kit

I've just looked at my calendar, and my schedule is stupidly busy - the new semester has started and there's a local arts festival happening which is going to consume a lot of my work time. Oh well, I'm lucky to be in the position of having a job I like, which fits around my study - which I love - and to have the abilities and stash that I do. In the very British phrase ... "mustn't grumble"!

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CindyMae said...

Good luck with your October goals!!