Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Golden Luna Moth Shawl

Design: Luna Moth - Freebie Pattern Available Here
Designer: Elann

Yarn: Golden Mohair Type - found in a charity shop
Needles: 5.5mm-7.5mm

Okay, I'm so far behind in posting my knitting finishes that it's quite embarassing - I finished this on our knitting retreat to York back in March! The picture was taken in the garden of the Youth Hostel there... It was taken preblocking, too, it's grown since then!

This was a pretty quick knit, relatively speaking - I started with 5.5mm needles and increased the size as I did pattern repeats, ending up with 7.5mm needles, so this got to be quite the monster! Add in glowing golden yarn and ... well, it's distinctive, I'll give it that! I haven't worn it much, as it's definitely an autumn/winter wear - and it's currently in the props basket at work, as it was used as 'grannie's shawl' when we performed recently...

The design is fairly straightforward and clearly written. I would do it again, but using smaller needles and a less 'in your face' yarn!


valerie said...

Wow, Nic...very impressive! Love the shawl and the color. Also, great job on the dishcloth and the letter for the poem!

staci said...

It's Beautiful! And you look fabulous wearing it!!!

Gabi said...

What a beauty your shawl is. It looks fantastic on you. Congrats