Saturday, June 26, 2010

Radio Silence Broken!

Hello! *blows dust off the blog*...

Next time I look at changing jobs, remind me not to do it in the middle of assessment season. And remind me that recruiting for interns and my replacement at the same time as doing handover documents, submitting proposals for work I won't be around to see happen and setting up a subsidiary charity doesn't help my blood pressure or the amount of free time I have either...

Anyway, I'm through the worst of it. All essays are in - and back. I've passed these ones in the highest class possible, just need my exam result now. I'm very pleased, as these were even harder work than usual. It's not helped when you're writing one on your tutor's absolute specialist subject (Gothic literature) ... so no pressure there, then ;o)

Interns are recruited, as is my replacement. I'm still tidying a few loose ends, but hopefully will be able to meet with K one day after I finish work to discuss particulars with her. I'm not completely cutting all ties with the circus, so I'm happy to do this, and will be doing the odd bit of freelance stuff for them from time to time.And the subsidiary charity is likely to have me on its board of trustees.

The new job is very pleasant. It's a small national charity, and the office is staffed mainly by people who have been there a long time, and it's all very civilised. The office itself is light, airy and on a riverbank in a little business park that's leafy and tree filled. It's also only a 25 minute walk from my flat - all downhill, so in the lovely weather we've had this week, it's been a great start to the day. On wet days - and to get back up the hill - there's a door to door bus service which runs every 10 minutes, and an almost door to door one which is similar, so I can be home within 15 minutes of leaving the office. And leave the office we do, at 5pm on the dot. And we take lunch hours - for the whole hour if we want to! And of course I want to - the office is only 5 minutes from the quilt shop... ;o)

My new role is Communications Manager. I'm also going to be editing the charity's journal, which is the only specialist publication for the condition available. Me, editor of a proper magazine with an ISSN number and everything ... bizarre, as once again I have moved into a field where I have no qualifications, just the knack of acquiring the right mix of skills and experience as I go... I think it's going to be well within my capabilities, despite the moments of self doubt once I'd accepted the position! I've already turned one sad and sorry looking list of stuff for sale to a full colour, illustrated 8 page catalogue, and that seems to have pleased the Chief Executive.

I think the reduction in stress, the shorter commute, the nicer office environment and the daily walk to work will also help improve my physical and mental well being, so it's looking good... although it is going to be odd working regular, full time hours, Mondayto Friday, nine to five, instead of fewer, and less conventional, ones. I'm hoping though, once the reduced travel is taken into account that I won't actually be out of the house that much longer every day. (I'm being vague about the charity and the condition because I'm trying to keep a little privacy. This blog is open after all).

I've mostly been knitting, and I have finished another afghan. I've also started another from the book above... I have no self restraint! There will be pictures, eventually - I have rather a backlog of things to show, including exchanges sent and received. I also have a backlog of charts to dispatch, and July's to finish up!

I've been reading blogs sporadically, and I'm sorry if I haven't had change to comment on yours. It hasn't felt like enough hours in the day lately, but hopefully, things will be easier soon!

Right, I have a few chores to do and then I'm off out in the sun - there's a Green Fair on, and Sheffield Pride, and I'd like to go to both!


Myra said...

That is great news about the new job. When we spend so much time at work it is really important that it is somewhat enjoyable. Have a great weekend!

staci said...

Your new job sounds wonderful! The better workplace and people, closer to home with a lovelier commute, and lunch hour at the quilt shop...fabulous!

Congrats on finishing your afghan! Can't wait to see it. I haven't finished the first one I started a couple months ago, but I've started another one (talk about no self control, LOL!!!)

Terry said...

WOW! You've been extremely busy to put it mildly. Glad that the new job is working out so well. Just think, a new less stressful job and exercise routine twice a day with the walk to and from. Can't beat that!!

Good luck on the school grades. Keep us informed on how well you're doing.

Don't forget to relax a little! lol

riona said...

I missed you ... and am glad to see you back. Sounds like the work situation is very positive. Best of wishes for a productive and fulfilling career in your new position. And it is so nice that you don't have to cut all ties with the past, as well.

Kathy A. said...

I am so happy for you. It sounds like the new job is a perfect fit and you will do well!
That a pretty new afghan. Are the designs knitted in or added after?
Take care.

mainely stitching said...

Hi Nic! It's great to hear from you and find out what's going on in your life. :D Take care!