Wednesday, June 02, 2010

June Goals

Well, hopefully with Uni stuff winding up, I'm going to have a bit more free time. Well, that's the theory, but I feel that work will expand to fill the space, at least during the week.

I've also realised that one of the reasons I've not been drawn to stitching as much has been my vision - so I've changed the sort of contact lenses I wear, and I'm much happier. So goals for June will be more stitching oriented!


  • Zauber Socks - I'm ready to turn the heel on the first one. The yarn is amazing
  • My Needle and Floss Comfort Me - it's more or less just the lettering to do. Keep looking at my blog for details of the draw to pass the pattern on
  • Box of Chalks Afghan - either 13 or 19 blocks to do, plus a border. If I say it quickly, it doesn't sound a lot!
Finish UFO:
  •  Lizzie*Kate Round Robin - Lizzie*Kate - this was a RR that came back to me barely started, and I've added the blocks sporadically ever since, there's only one to do, plus buttons to add.
Start and Finish:
  • A gift for my a personal exchange - can't talk about it, the recipient reads my blog :o)
  • Alphabet piece for exchange
Frame or Have Framed
  • Bee Merry - Victoria Sampler
  • Bee Mine - Victoria Sampler
  • Bee Joyful - Victoria Sampler - let's give these another go on the list!
  • Bathroom Plaque - Toadstool Tapestries - this needs reframing after getting grubby
  • June - Shepherd's Bush - well, it is the actual month, surely I should/could do this?
  • Country Cottage - I want to make this into a cushion for my niece.
  • Bless The Breeze - SanMan Originals - it would be good to do a summer piece actually in summer!
  • June Biscornu and Fob Chart - this is done, I'm going to post it at the weekend.
  • Get previous things posted out
  •  £15 for the MS Trust - this would mean I reach my target for the year!
 Fingers crossed!


riona said...

Good Luck on the goals ... it does seem rather a lot to accomplish in one month ... but who am I to comment ... the eternally optimistic over-estimator of my abilities, that I am!

Kathy A. said...

Yep, I read LOL.
If you'd like to send along that RR I would be happy to stitch a piece for you too.