Thursday, July 03, 2008

Christmas in July

Here is my lovely exchange from Valerie. It was organised by Simone as a Christmas in July exchange on her exchange blog, and it was great to get such a sweet ornament by one of my favourite designers!
I enjoyed all the other bits and pieces too - the very funny card, cute chart, festive fabbie and threads, needles in my preferred size (28s! yay!) and not forgetting the chocolate - which I have been very restrained with and not eaten yet!
Valerie says that this is her first ornament finish - I'm not sure I believe her, it is so neat! LOL - it has been finished in a similar way to a pin keep, which is great for me as I will be able to display it on my shelves come Christmas time. Thank you so much, Valerie!


Ruth said...

First ornament? Nah. It's too cute for that! Congrats on a lovely mail day and some beautiful stitching. You make me want to unearth my JN and start right now. I have that same piece (and a small pile of others) just calling to me.

Barbara said...

That is a terrific exchange!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful ornament and i cant believe its a first but great gifts through the post it must be like xmas lol