Friday, July 04, 2008

Twisty Bag - Sheepfold

Design: Twisty Bag
Yarn: Herdwick pure wool

Here is the bag I was telling you about a week or so ago - I finally got pictures of it :o)

It was really easy to knit, although the yarn did have a tendency to shed - but of course, that helped the felting process. I altered the pattern slightly - yes, even though I've never made a felted bag before, I couldn't resist meddling with the instructions...

This is what it looked like before it went into the washing machine - you can see the stitch definition, and the dimensions are differently proportioned to the finished result above.

I'm not sure whether I will keep it, or perhaps try to sell it. Grey isn't really my colour, although I did defend it when my Ma (who saw it in the unfelted state above) called it a 'sh*tty colour'. My ma, bless her, is not one to mince her words...

I've made another version, this time using a multi coloured yarn which I like better - even though the felting is taking longer - it's twice been through the machine and I'm still not entirely happy. Third time lucky, maybe?


Barbara said...

SO cute and stylish, Nic!!

Anonymous said...

what a great idea it looks really good i have never tried felting but have always wanted to well done
perhaps you could dye the bag lol

Ruth said...

Cute! Let's not say shitty, let's say "understated." lol

staci said...

Wonderful job! You rec'd a darling pinkeep for the HoE too, congrats!