Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Goals and Things

Where is the summer going? Time is speeding ever onward and I don't feel I've achieved very much this month. Okay, I did have my final uni assignment to do which took up a lot of free time towards the beginning of the month but still... and then I look at my lists and actually, it's not been too bad, I've just worked on things that weren't on my goals list, particularly knitting!

  • Father's Day Card - done, made up and given
  • Wooly Zipper - nope! put away as UFO
  • 200th Post Giveaway Prize - I'm going to give away something from my stash instead
  • Christmas in July Exchange (XoE) - done and mailed. I'm getting a little worried as it should be at it's destination by now.
  • LHN Exchange (HoE) - done and mailed - and received.
  • Monthly Finishing Challenge - Tin Topper - done
  • Neat Country Stuff - no, another one put away for now, hopefully I'll want to get back into it soon
  • One framing finish - no, not done
  • One non framing finish - yes, if you count the LHN exchange piece!
  • One PIF gift - yes but not stitching
  • One UFO - two are now in my WIPs list, and one is probably only an evening away from completion. I'm counting that as sucess as it's been in my UFO pile for a decade.
Also completed:
  • Morning Song - Just Nan, my SAL with Sally
  • Grey Knitted and Felted Bag
  • Multicoloured Knitted and Felted Bag
  • Wire and Beads Knitted Bracelet (do you detect a theme here?)
So, overall I'm quite pleased with what I achieved. I'm glad to be back into knitting, but it did mean my stitching suffered somewhat. The knitting was simple stuff, so didn't need much thought - I think I needed that!

My goals for July are:

  • Birthday Card for Sister
  • Birthday Gift for Sister
  • Birthday Card for BiL
  • Birthday Card for Ma
  • Birthday Gift for Ma
  • Monthly Finishing Challenge - scissor pocket/keeper/sheath
  • One finish to make up
  • One framing finish
  • One PIF gift
  • Random Thoughts
  • Summer Quaker Exchange (HoE)
As you can see there's a rash of family birthdays this month! I have already made a start on the cards for my sister and Ma, and I know what I'm doing for the quaker exchange, so the 'obligation' stuff is sorted, and that's the important thing!


Sally said...

Wahooo you finished Morning Song!!! Come on I want a piccie.......... please!!!!!

Meari said...

Good luck with your July goals!

Barbara said...

Good luck with the upcoming birthdays and other obligations!