Sunday, August 03, 2008

Stitching Update

I've been working on Random Thoughts lately - and loving every stitch of it! Even the over-one sections are working well and I'm doing them as full crosses - unusually for me!

The colours are muted and work well together - and they are working on the fabric I chose, which was a piece of vintage Belfast from Zweigart - I think the colour has been discontinued, which is a shame.

I've had to call a temporary halt though - yesterday the silk kept snagging on my fingers, which I think are a little rough from housework *sigh* - so it was on with the handcream, and onto a 'new'project. Well, I say new, it was actually an old WIP I had forgotten about - I traded a chart years ago, and when it arrived, it came with a piece partially finished. So yesterday, I finished it! And I also started the other project on the chart, so hopefully by the end of today, I will have two pinkeep sized finishes :o)

After that, I'm going to work on one of my quilt blocks and I'm also going to make a pot of soup. What are your plans for today?


KarenV said...

Hi Nic, I've emailed you a couple of times about our floss tag exchange but haven't heard back, so I'm wondering if there is a problem with either of our emails? Please could you email me direct: jonandkarenv @ tiscali . co . uk (no spaces, obviously) as I'd like to get things moving on this. Thanks!

RT is looking lovely, great progress!

Miss Shine said...

This looks gorgeous! x

marci said...

As always, I will gush over a DT piece. You're making great progress on it.

I placed an order with Lois for the first time in *mumble* years this week. Can't wait to get my stuff and put needle to thread. I'll have to post my progress on whatever I start.

Jean said...

You are inspiring me to start a big project. It's just beautiful! Unfortunately, I've spent so much time looking at other people's blogs, I haven't started any stitching today!

Sally said...

Oooooooooooh Nic it's looking gorgeous! Makes me want to start a DT!

Teejay said...

Random Thoughts is gorgeous, I just love it!