Monday, August 11, 2008


It's been busy here - I've been decluttering, and our bathroom was having some work done on it, so there's even more chaos than usual! I'm waiting for the chap to come back to start tiling - he was supposed to be here half an hour ago ... oh, just had a phone call, ETAP 'between 12 and 12.30' yay!

The decluttering has meant I've added stacks of stuff to my trades blog!

I've finished the card for The Hermit's forthcoming birthday but I've also been knitting some rather kitsch stuff - pictures will follow when I have the necessary bits...

I've joined Melissa's Olympic Stitching Challenge but I haven't done a lot on my piece for the project yet - I was getting a tad too excited with the British medal winners! It's not like cricket, where I can sit and stitch loads as I listen to the gentle tones of Test Match Special!

I should be spending some time updating my CV and job hunting but even the thought of it is making me tense... so I think I will have today off and start tomorrow!

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