Saturday, September 13, 2008

Answers to Questions

Elisabeth (who does some fabulous embroidery - go check it out!) - I'm based in Sheffield, so I don't think I'm all that far from you :o) For less local readers of my blog, Sheffield is the famous 'steel city' and England's fourth largest city. It is very hilly, very green and overall, not a bad place to live and work, especially now it is beginning to recover from the collapse of manufacturing and mining.

Sheffield is full of culture - with two world class theatres, two world class universities, countless cinema screens, an annual literature festival, three art galleries, a museum, two football clubs - there's always something to find to do!

And culturally speaking - one mustn't forget The Full Monty - filmed on location in Sheffield, in some of the areas hardest hit my the end of the steel trade. I used to work next to the Jobcentre where the guys 'danced' in the queue in sign on - and I've had to visit there myself when I've been unemployed. No - they don't play music anymore!

Tammie asked who The Hermit is. It's my nickname for my partner, as I attempt some degree of anonymity for him. But here he is with Colin, one of our guinea pigs, having a snooze :o)

Thanks for your comments and questions, I'll always try and answer them, so do ask away!

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Barbara said...

Now did you get the guinea pig to match the Hermit, or vice versa? LOL! Seriously, have you noticed how well they coordinate?

Sheffield sounds very nice. We've watched The Full Monty a number of times and next time I watch it, I'll be sure to think of you!