Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I've not really been stitching since I finished Random Thoughts, but I have been knitting up a storm. Amber of the Stitch n Bitch group I go to pointed me in the direction of a monthly dishcloth KAL group, and I've been using the designs to make squares for a couple of blankets - with the cost of fuel rising so much, I can see a need for such things! With the dull, grey days and poor light we have, I'm finding knitting easier on my ageing eyes too! LOL

There will be pictures eventually, but I'm trying not to load anything to our computer at the moment, as we will be getting a new PC tower - hopefully this week, it is being built as I type :o) I don't want to upload stuff and then forget to copy it across - and anyway, the USB port I use for the camera cable is currently in use for the flash drive we're using to back up our hard disk. It's amazing - this computer is only (!) about nine years old, and it was upgraded about five years ago and we thought 8 Gb of memory wasn't bad - now 8Gb comes in a pen drive for about 20 quid, and the new PC will have 160Gb of space! It will also have Windows XP, so we can upgrade to Firefox 3.0 and I can back up my mobile phone and stuff - Win98 has served us well, but it's being left behind :o(

The new computer is primarily because The Hermit starts a degree course this month, in e-Communications and we needed a better system. A faster system will help with my studies too of course, but I can write essays on more or less anything as long as it lets me add footnotes :o) Heck, I can even use pencil and paper if I have too ... but having a new PC is exciting! It will be the first 'new to us' system we've ever had, but we're sticking with our second hand peripherals for now - no point in getting rid of things that are still working well :o) I do have 50% canny Scots blood after all ... LOL

I am back in the world of work from Thursday which is good news - the place I volunteered at last year have asked me to come in and do some paid work for them running a community based training project. Again, it's part time hours so I will still have some crafting time :o) Initially, it would only be for two months, but this could be extended, but it's dependent on funding and I know to my cost that that cannot be relied upon ... However, I also have an interview tomorrow for another part time position, this one is much more senior (and much better paid), is permanent and would be a good career move for me, although it would take me away from the arts field ... I'm lucky to be finding interesting positions to go for given the recession we're heading towards, but I always seem to land on my feet employment wise and I'm very grateful for that!

I've also been blessed with the most wonderful exchange from Joan but that deserves a post of its own, and I need to do a picture too ...


Barbara said...

So knitting is easier on the eyes, huh? I may need to make a switch this winter!

Elisabeth Braun said...

What? Not 'Vista'???LOL!=) Computers can be a pain, can't they? I realised from seeing my blog on some older models that my header photos don't display right....=( Anyway....

I have a daylight lamp for rotten light. How I did it on the cheap was to get one of those £8 or £9 simple lamps from Ikea, then buy a daylight bulb from the draft shop, (maybe Tesco's might have done too), thus spending less than £15 and saving over £100 on official Daylight Bulb Co standing lamps.

Thanks for your nice comment on my latest finish!=)

I wonder how close we Yorkshire girls lives together? What are you studying btw?