Sunday, September 07, 2008

August Update and September Goals

I had a pretty productive August, partly because of my contract at work ending (there's a silver lining to every cloud!) and partly because I was up in the early hours listening to the Olympics coverage ... it's amazing how much more can get done with a couple of hours extra each day!

Here's the final results - I think I'm going to give myself a medal ;o)

There's pictures to come, but I'm still having problems uploading. Hopefully, most of the issues will be solved when we get our new PC tower this week! We needed a new PC for The Hermit's course - and for mine too really, as the current one is old and slow and runs Win98 (!) so we decided to spend the money we'd saved for one and hope that I find work sooner rather than later :o) I do have an interview on Wednesday for a very good position (fingers crossed) and I've also been asked if I'd be interested in something else (nice job, not very good money, but acceptable) so the plan seems to be working :o) This week has definitely been an improvement on last - I was rather ill with the norovirus!

August Goals

  • Quilt Block - Card Trick - done
  • Quilt Block - Tumbling Blocks - umm, no. Oops!
  • Card for The Hermit - done
  • Gift for The Hermit - done - I made up the Ontario Heart into a pinkeep, as he is originally from there. I might re-do it though, I'm not entirely happy with it!
  • Empty Mending Basket - not even looked at. It's just so much more fun to do decorative stuff than to take up a hem ...
  • Birth Sampler - done - my sister loved it, and it's been framed and given to the proud mum.
  • Monthly Finishing Challenge - Scissor Fob - done - although I didn't get my pic posted.
  • Needleroll Exchange (HoE) - done - and it's been received.
  • One Finish to Make Up - sixteen done - a trifle high on the 'over achieving' side, if I do say so myself! Mostly pinkeeps and floss tags from things I had in my stitched pile.
  • One Framing Finish - this is sort of done. I've matched up some pieces with frames, but haven't done the mounting yet!
  • One PIF Gift - done
  • One UFO - three done - one was a large blackwork sampler, one a small cross stitch sampler and the other the crewel vase I've blogged about before.
  • Random Thoughts - The Drawn Thread - done- this has to be my favourite finish of the year, I love it! I thought it would take me longer, but it really was simple to stitch, and a complete joy!
  • Thread Fob (private exchange) - done

Goals for September

  • Summer Into Autumn - The Drawn Thread - my next DT project. I've decided I'm always going to have one of these 'on the go' as they are so lovely to work on.
  • Derbyshire - Heritage Stitchcraft - this is in danger of becoming a UFO again, and there's not a lot needed to finish it. Unfortunately, the stuff I have to do involves a lot of fractionals and back stitching, my two least favourite things.
  • HoE Prairie Schooler Exchange - actually, most of this is done...
  • Crazy Exchange Birthday Exchange
  • Empty mending basket - I really should do this. It's embarassing...
  • HoE Halloween Exchange - I have the chart, so just need to get going...
  • One item 'finished' - yes, there's still plenty in the pile!
  • One item framed - no excuses this month!
  • One UFO - there's not exactly a shortage to choose from round here...

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