Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birth Sampler 2 - Helen Philipps

Design: Birth Sampler from The New Cross Stitch Sampler Book
Designer: Helen Philipps
Threads: DMC and DMC Color Variations, Seaside Treasures
Fabric: 28 count evenweave, bone

This was a commission from my sister for her friend, as she loved the sampler I made for her so much!

I altered the layout slightly, to incorporate the birth details, as my sister thought that would be a nice touch - and so did I, I didn't want to make something identical, I like all my pieces to be individual. The colours are used slightly differently too.


Lee said...

You've had some beautiful finishes posted over the last couple of days! Your needles must be flying! Very nicely done.

Jennifer said...

I love the modifications you've made to this chart. It's a very nice chart, one I stitched twice with variations for 2 of my nieces. I too like doing personalized pieces, and I chose to use pink (october) and purple (june) for their birthstone colors to personalize the chart, but I really like how you included some of the birth info. Very nice!

Barbara said...

It's absolutely lovely, Nic!!

Jean said...

The birth announcement is so lovely. It's such a nice design - one that will grow with the recipient. So often the announcements are babyish and people don't want to hang them on their walls once they grow up- but this one is timeless! Nice work.

I read all your recent posts - what lovely work. I'm sure finishing the pin keep into a heart would be lovely but it looks pretty just the way it is!