Monday, October 01, 2007

Boo! - Bent Creek

Although the stitched part of this was finished last year, I've only just assembled the tuck bag - which is shocking, given that the bag came pre-made with the kit, and all I had to do was iron interfacing onto the stitching, trim to size and secure with the buttons! At least I have this completed for this autumn, and now it's October, I will display the bag proudly!

I don't really go for Hallowe'en, although I have enjoyed the times I've spent in the USA around that holiday. Over here in the UK, there's not such a big fuss made, and Trick and Treating is rather casual and can be more worrying, as children don't always seem to be escorted by parents, and there's less organisation. Some teenagers think it is a licence to beg for money too :o(

Of course, when I was a kid, the tradition was known as "Mischief Night" in this part of the country - gates would be taken off hinges, dustbins overturned, "Knock Down Ginger" played on unsuspecting householders ... all tricks, no treats! :o) The main excitement was always reserved for Bonfire Night though - these days it's just another occasion that spreads out over weeks, which isn't great if - like me - you have pets who don't like fireworks.

My, I am grouchy this morning! I'd better go have breakfast before I post any more!


Cheryl said...

Your tuck bag looks great. Im really not into Halloween at all but i love seeing what everyone stitches for it! I read on one blog that some people even have Halloween trees in the US!! Im sure it wont be long before the UK cottons onto that :(

Sally said...

Your bag looks brilliant Nic! I don't do Halloween either. I think I must be a bit of a party pooper! LOL! I do like to see what people stitch though and I have been known to stitch for it myself:)

Iris said...

Looks very nice !!!!

Miss Shine said...

Love it! x