Monday, October 01, 2007

A Reward!

It was going to be "one of those" days today - I start classes again tonight for my degree; I had a number of health related things to sort out, including a date for a lumbar puncture (spinal tap); I had to chase up and find out why the Incapacity Benefit people hadn't responded to my submitted paperwork plus I had to write a covering letter for a job I really, really, really want...

Anyway, as a treat for all the heavy phone calls, I made one to Wye Needlecraft in Bakewell and ordered the new JCS Ornament issue. I haven't bought stash in ages (vintage Anchor threads from a charity shop don't count!) and I felt quite naughty giving my card number out - it wasn't something I needed, but I do have all the issues going back to 2000, so I wanted to keep the collection going. And actually I have an excuse - my sister would like me to stitch an ornament a year for my niece, Molly. I think I'm going to do two, though. Because my dad and my DBF have beards, Molly likes them - last year's Santa book with fluffy beard got stroked lots - so I'm going to do her a Santa each year, and then I'm going to do a Lizzie*Kate/Bent Creek style ornament too. I might not be stitching a Santa this year though - I have here a Santa I stitched for my gran, and which came back to me when she died on Christmas Day 2004. I don't know whether it would be nice to give it to Molly, kind of like an heirloom, or a bit macabre.

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Sally said...

I can't wait to get this issue. Like you I have them since 2000 so don't want to miss one now! Waiting for one of the ONS I use to get it in.