Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Buzzing Around Biscornu - Barbara Ana Designs

Design: Buzzing Around Biscornu
Designer: Barbara Ana Designs
Threads: DMC as charted
Fabric: 14 count aida

I stitched this for the Monthly Finishing Challenge and I'm so proud of myself, because it all assembled really nicely, and worked!

I was a little worried that the colour fabrics I'd chosen were too dark and gloomy, but I think they look okay, they are a bit more "me" than a really clear blue would have been - not that I don't like the finished biscornu I've seen stitched on that, but it's not a fabric I have in my stash.

I charted my own design for the underside based on elements in the original because I didn't want to stitch for ages and not have it seen - the lettering says "buzzing around" but by the time I'd graphed the flowers and letters, I didn't really save much time.

I can see more biscornus in my stitching future :o)


Barbara said...

I've only made one biscornu so far, too, but I really enjoyed it and plan to make more. :) Love how yours came out!

Sonda in OR said...

It looks great! I think the fabric choices and the design for the back are wonderful!