Sunday, May 11, 2008

An update

Crumbs, I can't believe it's been ten days since I posted an update - I thought I was busy, this just confirms it!

I have been busy stitching, but you'll have to take my word for it - I've taken photos, but the USB cable I need is currently attached to my computer at work LOL

Last Sunday, I worked on Morning Song, my SAL with Sally. I finished a darning patternband, and started on the next big cross stitch band - one with roosters and flowers. That got halfway done, so my goal for today is to finish it.

When talking to my sister about the card design I was stitching for M, I foolishly mentioned an idea I'd discarded - only for my sister to say she liked the sound of that better. So, the Little Suzi's Zoo design I was working on is now in my UFO pile, and I finished a birthday card with an elephant on yesterday morning, before going to my niece's birthday barbecue ... it was worth it though, niece loves her elephants!

I also finished a sampler for M too - it was a very quick stitch, a big bold backstitch alphabet, trimmed with buttons, and made into a little wallhanging. It will be suitable for when she moves out of her nursery and into her bedroom, which will be pink and purple. Pink is currently the only colour she can reliably name - which is a little odd, as she's such a tomboy otherwise :o)

I also picked up an old UFO which years ago was going to be a present for my dad - better late than never! I was surprised at how little really there was to do, although that is just as well, given my schedule! At least his birthday card is finished, so my goals list is looking rather good this month already!

In other news, my job may not last past the summer, as one of our funders won't be renewing our contract for services. It's not definite though - if I can find us more funding soon (which has always been part of my role) then I will stay - and it's looking promising, after a slow start. I'm lucky in that someone I know does a similar job for another theatre company, and she's been telling me not to panic :o)

Spring is almost summer like - the last week has been warm and sunny, and green shoots are everywhere. Although I live in a city, I'm close to a park, and our block of flats has a communal garden with some mature trees and shrubs. It looks like a squirrel has taken up residence again - we used to have a pair live in one of the trees, but the tree needed work, and I think the tree surgery scared them off. I've also seen some goldfinches, and for the first time, a long tailed tit - they are so pretty! The other day, I even saw a peregrine falcon, perched on the building opposite. They are quite uncommon, and it was a lovely thing to see.

The good weather meant that my sister had a barbecue for M's birthday yesterday - The Tot was 2 - I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. She's such a little character, busy and bustling around, and very quick on the uptake! She has a large and varied vocabulary, and the odd three or four word sentence is there - there will be no peace soon :o) I'm Aunty NicNoc - and I have company - she calls two of her Fisher Price Little People by the same name, and there is a certain resemblance! LOL

Anyway, it looks like being another glorious day here - we don't have any plans so I might just take my stitching and my book to the ruins of an old abbey we have down the road, and just sit and enjoy life under the trees :o) When I say "just down the road" I mean it - it's only a ten minute walk - lucky me!

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you enjoy it!

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Barbara said...

Oh, I hope you're having a FABULOUS weekend. Love the Auntie NicNoc name - that's so cute!

You didn't get back to me about what colors/cuts of 28 ct linen I can send ....