Sunday, May 25, 2008

Freebie Exchange Received

Yesterday was my dad's birthday - but I was the one who got a gorgeous stitchy package :o)

I was finishing a cushion for my dad (last minute, as always) when the postie knocked and I had to break off what I was doing to open it - and I'm so pleased I did, because Margie had stitched me something incredibly beautiful - a hardanger tassel - it's amazing! As well as the stitched item, Margie included a bath soak and flannel, and some really cute pegs too.

I will post photos soon, but today's task is to write my final essay of the semester and that's what I'm on the computer for ...

Thank you so much Margie, I just hope my photos will do justice to this lovely piece!


Kath said...

Hi Nic, Great to hear from you and lovely to see that you are still around.

Yep, it's been a bit of a roller coaster ride these past few months, but I am coping well most of the time.

You keep in contact, it's really great to hear from you!!!

Love K

Barbara said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures! :D

Margaret said...

You certainly sound rather busy
I just want to clarify that it was me Margaret S who sent you the freebie exchange - there are far too many Margarets around!!