Thursday, October 02, 2008

Goals and Update

I don't feel I did very well on my goals for September, but I think outside circumstances and a new obsession with knitting played a large part in that. I'm thankful for my new job, but it doesn't half eat into my stitching time! The office is two bus rides away, and one bus is a rattly old thing, so I'm taking my knitting along instead of my stitching :o) And now Uni has started again, that's two evenings down, and that doesn't include all the reading and such I have to do!

My pile of little hats for the Big Knit is increasing - don't forget to comment on how many you think I will make if you'd like to win something hand knitted by me! The Hermit is in charge of the box of hats now, so I can't be bribed into finishing at a certain number as I have no clue as to how many I've done :o)

So, without further ado, here is my goals list:
  • Summer Into Autumn - The Drawn Thread - no, barely started
  • Derbyshire - Heritage Stitchcraft - no, still not finished!
  • HoE Prairie Schooler Exchange - yup - and thank you everybody for your very kind comments on it!
  • Crazy Exchange Birthday Exchange - mailed, but the person's birthday hasn't happened yet, so I can't share pics yet.
  • Empty mending basket - no. Again.
  • HoE Halloween Exchange - I'm going to finish this today, I'm a little behind
  • One item 'finished' - if you count the PS exchange, then yes!
  • One item framed - not yet!
  • One UFO - oh dear, no.
However, in my defence, I have knitted lots of little hats, numerous afghan squares, several dishcloths, nearly a whole pair of socks, and I stitched JBW's Pumpkin, and part of a Lizzie*Kate design (before deciding it wasn't really my Halloween partner's cup of tea) so I don't think I need lashing with wet floss. Yet.

So, my October goals are:

  • HoE Halloween Exchange
  • Summer into Autumn - The Drawn Thread
  • Lots of Little Knitted Hats
  • Purple ZigZag Socks
  • Mostly Black Socks
  • Mattress Pincushion Exchange
  • Floss Tag Exchange
  • Trick or Treat - Lizzie*Kate
And that's it. If I manage anything else it will be a big bonus!


Barbara said...

Hey, I think you did a great job with your goals!

Jean said...

That is an ambitious to do list! Keep up plugging away. You've got a full load just going to University! Be kind to yourself. You're doing a wonderful job.