Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Works in Progress

This is my current focus stitching piece - Summer into Autumn by The Drawn Thread. I'm really enjoying it, but because the linen is 32 count, I need good light to stitch by, and a steady hand, so I'm mainly working on it at weekends, which is slowing the progress. No matter though, as it will make the joy last longer :o)

I am going to finish this as a bellpull I think, and display it with Winter into Spring - which I have yet to stitch!

This is my second pair of socks - one is already finished, and I've just turned the heel on this pair. I'm making them for my closest friend (who doesn't read my blogs) for Christmas, so I should have them completed in plenty of time. The yarn is Italian and lovely to work with, but knitting black has some of the same issues as stitching on black, especially counting! I work on these mostly on the bus, it's quite surprising how much I can get done - it works out at a sock a week.

And because I saw the yarn on Saturday, I just had to start a third pair ... these are for me. I love how the stripes are working out.

Knitting has been very soothing - Colin the guinea pig, star of the recent post, has been rather ill with a respiratory infection so has needed nursing, vet attention and some hand/syringe feeding - and knitting helps dispel the worry somewhat. He has another checkup with the vet today, but appears to be recovering - fingers crossed!


Sally said...

That looks really pretty Nic. I love the colours. It will look lovely hung with Winter into Spring when you get it stitched:)

staci said...

Everything is lovely. LOVE your socks. I really need some black ones, but I've been very unwilling to knit black socks, lol!

Anonymous said...

i love the stitching it looks great and the knitted socks is gorgoeus i want to do some but i am finding the wool a little bit pricey mum suggested using dK or 4ply not sure if that would work though.

Olenka's Stitches said...

Your Sampler is coming along so pretty.