Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer House Exchange Received

I received this very cheerful envelope in the mail on Friday...


It came from Diana O and was just as cheerful inside - the tissue paper has sparkles!


There were several layers carefully concealing this treasure:


Isn't it beautiful? The colours just sing out. I think it must be the silk threads Diana used. Diana tells me that the motifs are from a Brenda Keyes book. Diana made a great choice - Brenda is one of my favourite designers, in fact hanging over the computer I have the "Schoolhouse Sampler" designed by her and which I stitched in 1996. Brenda's website seems to have been expanded recently, I recommend a browse if you like samplers!

Thank you so much for the gift, Diana. I will cherish it for the care, thought and skill you showed. And thank you too for the 'extra' you put in, naughty girl!


DebbieSFL said...

Nic, Diana is my sister and her work is so well done and always beautiful. I have a Christmas piece hanging in my office at work that she did for me in 2002 that I adore.
I'm glad you enjoy her talent as much as we, her family do. She nudged me into stitching about 30 years ago and has nudged me into blogging now!!

venus said...

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