Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm feeling a bit blah about my stitching at the moment. Then again, I'm feeling a bit blah in general, probably because I'm tired and work is a bit stressy at the moment. There's some changes going on, and I'll need to step up and take on some more responsibility (for a while) and I'm just a bit anxious about it all...

Anyway, I thought that seeing some of my pieces come back from the framer would help - and it did, for a while. Until I thought about all the other pieces I have still to frame - and the lack of room to display them when they're done ... the perils of living in a small apartment! No, seriously, I'm really impressed by the work the framers have done, and best of all, they are a five minute walk away. I'll show some pictures when I've taken them!

I decided to dive into my stash and see if that would perk me up a bit. It usually works, because I do have some lovely stuff in my stash. Last year, I went through my fabrics and matched them up to charts where I could. With the benefit of a spreadsheet - because I've inventoried all my charts - I worked out how long it would take me to stitch everything if I stitched one project per month. Would anyone like to guess?


October 2023. And that's not including kits, or UFOs, or the charts I have which I don't have fabric for. Or the projects from books. Or freebie charts.

I'll be 54 by October 2023 (gulp!) so I'm not at SABLE, but ...

Hey ho, at least it means I will be set if suddenly all the designers stop producing new charts!

In the light of this news, I'm going to set myself some new goals for each month:

  • stitch on one kitted chart
  • stitch on one UFO
  • stitch on one kit
  • make up or frame one finished object
  • knit one pair of socks (because my yarn stash isn't getting much smaller either!)
  • keep to a stash diet - buying only threads and trims needed for the pieces I'm working on
  • take part in one exchange per month (ideally)
I'm not saying that each of the pieces I work on will be finished in that month, but I need to focus and use what I have rather than lusting over what I don't.

I've also decided I need to be more ruthless and only work on pieces I *love* so I will be having a stash clearout, and if I want new stash,I'll browse the trade blogs first...

I'm looking forward to a happy dance later today - Neat Country Stuff is sooooooooo close - and I'm also working on an exchange piece which may be completed. I will be sitting with my feet up, listening to Test Match Special - what could be better?


Anna van Schurman said...

2034 and that's just a rough estimate based on the fact I have at least 300 charts. Wow. I should think about that a bit more! I am not, however, going to think about how old I will be...

Diana said...

I agree, looks like a plan that may work for me too... can't wait to see more of your finishes..

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