Saturday, August 01, 2009

August Goals and July Results

I'm going to make the most of my summer break from Uni, and I've set myself some goals for the month. I'd like to finish most of the projects in my "Current Projects" pile, which includes some charity knitting. I've also got a couple of exchanges coming up, and let's not forget it's The Hermit's birthday!

So, here are my goals for August:

  • Clapotis - Kate Gilbert - more than half done, it's fairly mindless knitting
  • Mini Cable Socks - I'm about halfway down one leg
  • Neat Country Stuff - Homespun Elegance - I have some frogging to do on this, grr!
  • Striped Baby Sweater - Sirdar - To sew up. It's a job that will take well under an hour, but I keep putting it off!
  • The Big Knit - Smoothie Bottle Hats - I'll fit these in and around my other stuff
  • Poetry Society Letter - this should be a couple of evenings work
  • By The Sea Exchange - I've chosen the piece I want to stitch, I've sorted out the goodies, so I just need to stitch it!
  • Prairie Schooler Exchange
  • Birthday something for The Hermit. Don't say anything to him, but I'm thinking of getting him a new MP3 player, so it may be an MP3 cosie I make!

July was a busy month workwise, but I think I managed to do a reasonable amount of crafting to keep me sane.

  • Christmas in July Exchange - the finishing on this took a long time, but was worth it!
  • Summer House Exchange - just got in under the wire
  • Antique Needleroll - Shepherd's Bush - another finish for my smalls baskets
  • Hourglass Dishcloth - surprisingly pretty
  • Smoothie Bottle Hats - 15 complete
  • Elongated Corded Rib Socks - I gave this to my mum for her birthday. They are prettier than the name suggests.
  • Scissor Fobs - I've completed two, and another two just need tying to the fixings.

I guess another August goal is to get up to date with all my pictures of finished objects!


wendy said...

you did great!

riona said...

I would be interested in seeing those photos