Saturday, November 07, 2009

French Country IV Pumpkin - JBW Designs

Design: French Country IV Pumpkin
Designer: JBW Designs
Thread: GAST Pumpkin
Fabric: 28 count evenweave

This was finished in 2008 (although I blogged about it in January this year).

The frame was a charity shop (thrift store) find, complete with double mount - it had a dull cheap print in it and it would have cost me less than £3 (US$5). Of course, I'd stitched the pumpkin on a piece of fabric a little too small for this, so it took quite a while to centre it up and to make sure the edges were hidden! The ripples you can see I think are from the glass, as the piece is actually smooth in real life!


Sally said...

What a lovely finish Nic. The frame and mount look perfect.

Irene said...

It looks wonderful in the frame !

mainely stitching said...

Isn't it great when things work out like this! It looks terrific!