Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February Biscornu - Linden Bee Designs



Design: February Biscornu - freebie design available here
Designer: Linden Bee Designs (i.e. me!)
Threads: DMC in three shades
Fabric: 14 count aida, white

The pictures are not of the best, because although it isn't raining or snowing here, the day is very grey and foggy! In your mental picture viewer, brighten the design until the aida is white and you'll get a better idea!

I've stuffed this quite lightly - what's your preferred way? I like a little body, but equally, I want to be able to sew through the middle easily to make the dimple...

This is another of my freebies, and I'm hoping to raise money for the MS Trust through donations. This month has been a little slow - only £4.00 so far, although every little helps and I'm amazingly grateful that people like my patterns enough to make donations! However, I'd love to see that amount increase ;o)

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Miss 376 said...

It's stitched up well. I like the look of the well stuffed ones, but it certainly a lot easier to sew through the middle when they're not