Thursday, February 04, 2010

Valentine Fob - Linden Bee Designs

Design: Valentine Scissor Fob - freebie design available here
Designer: Linden Bee Designs (i.e. me!)
Threads: DMC in three shades of pink - I've used the "antique" colourway on the chart
Fabric: 16 count aida, grey but overdyed with tea by me.

This little fob is stitched from my own design, and I dyed the fabric too. So perhaps I can be excused my little glow of satisfaction :o)

The fabric was some I got in a grab bag, and it was rather a drab grey/blue colour. So I stewed it in some very strong tea and it came out looking suitably aged. Hence my decision to work the "antique" colourway on this.

I was surprised by how much more delicate the 16 count looks to my previous fobs on 14 count.


You can't see it very clearly, but there's a heart shaped charm attached at the top, which says "Made With Love" on it.


Irene said...

Love the colors you used.

Myra said...

You should be glowing. The fabric looks great and the floss colors complement it nicely. The biscornu is fabulous as well. Great job!

Anne said...

Beautiful beautiful colours Nic! Another gorgeous set--thank you for these wonderful designs. :)