Wednesday, February 03, 2010

February Goals

Well, if there was a groundhog in my garden yesterday (not likely, they don't live in the UK!) it would have seen it's shadow in the morning. And then at teatime, it started snowing... there's not much, but looks like winter isn't over ...

So, what better to contemplate getting through a wintry month than my stitching and knitting goals? Here's what I want to achieve in February:

Sew charms onto:
  • Bee Joyful
  • Bee Merry

  • Bless The Baby
  • D is for Drum
  • February Scissor Fob
  • Sew Red for Your Heart Exchange
  • Ripple Wave Socks

Start and Finish:
  • February Biscornu
  • 28 Innocent Smoothie Hats
  • One quilt block

Frog or Finish:
  • Colonnade Wrap

Frame or have Framed:
  • Bathroom Plaque
  • Alphabet Sampler
  • Bee My Honey Bee
  • One to celebrate my birthday!
  •  £20 for the MS Trust


stitchinfiend said...

Sounds like you will be busy in February. Please send some of the cold over here to Aust please. I am about to retire for the night with the air con on.

riona said...

Very ambitious ... good luck on meeting all your many goals. As I type this [on the other side of the pond in the New York City area] all the local schools are on a two hour delay because of snow. Paxatawney Phil [the groundhog] saw his shadow ... how could he not, what with all the TV cameras and lighting equipment ... but even without his input, I was expecting more than six more weeks of bad weather. Heck, snow on Easter wouldn't surprise me this year ... it has happened before.

Marnie said...

Great Goose that is quiet a list for only one month! Good luck!!!

Carol said...

No groundhogs in the UK!?? I would be happy to send you some of ours. They are a nuisance and eat all of our garden vegetables...

Good luck with your February goals!

Katie said...

Good Luck with your goals. It's always nice to have an idea of what you want to achieve.

Miss 376 said...

Another busy month ahead. It was snowing when we came home this afternoon and now there is a blanket of white outside, so glad I'm home tomorrow

CindyMae said...

Lots of great goals! Good luck with them and I look forward to seeing all that progress!