Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Flung ...

This flinging lark is contagious. Not only have I worked through my UFOs, I've had a sort out of other stuff too. Thanks to Freegle, I've been able to help out loads of other people with my unwanted possessions. Prior to this weekend, I'd already got rid of a chest of drawers - replaced by a bigger set - but this is what went this weekend:
  • Over 1kg of yarn
  • One box of books
  • Two bags of clothes
  • One pair of boots
  • One pop up laundry basket
  • Two small plastic baskets
  • Four underbed storage bags
  • One underbed storage box
  • Four jewellery display items
  • One "hygienic trimmer"
  • One posture chair
  • Two underbed storage drawers
  • Two bath ballistics
  • One Psion Siena organiser
  • Two hand held games
  • One large box of various bits and pieces
  • Two covers for clothes rails
  • One tall bookcase
  • One set of hair clippers
  • One three drawer desk tidy
  • One 16" CRT monitor
  • One flatbed scanner
  • One Gameboy Advance
  • Three Gameboy games
I think this will be it for now - and I feel happier with some of the clutter gone. Now I can get round to sending out the UFOs other people have spoken for, and I may also get rid of some charts and kits to raise money for the MS Trust. I've also got some course deadlines approaching, so I will be busy - it's probably a good thing that I got the weekend of the knitting retreat wrong and it's not this weekend, it's the one after!


Miss 376 said...

The decluttering bug must be catching. I've just put a bag of stuff together to go on Freegle too.

ragamuffin yogini said...

Bravo! I need to get on that wagon too! Isn't Spring marvelous?

Anna van Schurman said...

I need to know what a "hygienic trimmer" is.

Good for you! I've just been moving sht to the basement in preparation for Adrienne's visit.

Karen said...

good for you! freegle must be like our freecycle. I have been freecycling myself lately. It feels good to help someone else out. my aunt had a twin size bed, box spring, mattress, sheets and all. This family picked it up and the little 4yr old boy was very very happy he doesn't have to share a bed anymore, he gets his own for now on. almost broke my heart, but felt very good at the same time. :)

Catherine said...

I need to get my boys to declutter!! The amount of stuff they have accumulated in their short lives is scaring me!

Unlike Anna, I don't think I want to know any more about a "hygenic trimmer" :)