Friday, April 02, 2010

March Review

Who knows where the time goes?* It's been a busy month. There's been a lot of non-crafting stuff going on in my life and work and I'm so glad the long weekend is here and I can re-group and re-focus. But, as this is mostly a craft blog, let's have a look at the crafting goals I set myself for March:

Finish UFOs:

  • Chevron Socks 2 - these are going to be a Mother's Day present (in the UK, Mother's Day is in March) - not done. Ma got a massive box of chocolates instead, and the socks will be an early birthday present. I'm halfway down the second leg at the moment - and I have until June to finish them, which is when the Aged Parents are going to Norway.
  • Chevron Socks - DONE!
Start and Finish:
  • Hooked on Exchanges LHN/CCN Exchange - DONE!
  • One quilt block - not done. I'm going to put this away for now, it's just causing me loads of guilt, and I think I'll be happier once I've worked on some more UFOs. As a UFO, it is hardly the oldest...
  • F is for Friend (Prairie Schooler ABC SAL) - not done. But I'm well ahead of my self imposed schedule for this anyway.
  • 20 Innocent Smoothie Hats - not done. But the deadline for this isn't until late October, so no worries
Frame or have Framed:
  • June - not done.
  • Sow Kind Seeds- not done.
  • Morning Song - not done.
  • Bee My Honey Bee - not done. I haven't done any framing myself this month, although I did take O Christmas Tree into be framed, instead of Morning Song.
  •  £20 for the MS Trust - a total of £12 was raised this month, which came from only two people. I would like to thank them for their generosity. Their names and comments can be seen on my JustGiving page.
I also need to get my previous giveaways mailed out ... - still not done. It's a task for this weekend!

I also managed to complete:

  • Alpaca Mitts - these are just so strokeable - I got one small ball of this alpaca, and it will be enough to make two pairs of fingerless mitts, a great use of this luxurious yarn!
  • Afghan Blocks - I've done 15 six inch square blocks so far of my stash busting afghan, which will be called "You Shall Be Queen" - you'll see the reason for the name when I post pics of the block. It's using acrylic double knitting yarn, which is horrible after the alpaca, but it will make a hardwearing and easily washable blanket!
  • Oh, and an eight inch block for a charity blanket
So, I was quite productive, just not towards my goals - I even managed to forget about one commitment totally :o/, which is going to be finished today ... One major project is complete - I've decided what to do with all my UFOs, whether to "Finish or Fling?" them. I've really enjoyed going through them and talking about them in a rational way, and appreciated all your comments on them, including the offers of adoption! I may do something similar with the "To Do Something With" pile, so watch this space!

Right, I need to get cracking, I'm off to the opticians to have my eyes checked over, and then to visit with my sister and The Tot! I hope you have a fun day too!

*  This is one of the songs I want played at my funeral. The decision is to whether it is Sandy Denny's, Kate Rusby's or Nina Simone's version that gets played. Sorry if this sounds morbid, and it's not an event I'm planning on having anytime soon :o)


Anonymous said...

You've been busy! Well done on working through all the Finish or Fling pieces, it'll be much easier to tackle the ones you're definitely going to finish now.

Marthann's Musings said...

WOW I am impressed. You must never sleep. I used to get that much stitching done, but, I don't seem to be able to concentrate like I use to.
I love your page and looking at all the beauty you are creating.

Karan said...

You've achieved so many things - inspiring. :0)