Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Affair of the Mutilated Mink - James Anderson

The Earl of Burford can't believe his luck; Rex Ransom, his favourite star from the 'talkies', and his hot-shot producer, Haggermeir, want to film their next feature at Alderley, the family's seventeenth-century country estate. Somewhat less enthusiastic is the Countess, who suddenly finds herself hosting an impromptu house party for the incoming Hollywood crowd. It's almost too much for poor Merryweather, the family's imperturbable butler, to cope with. And that's before there's a murder in the dead of night - By morning Inspector Wilkins of the Westshire Constabulary is cast in the unlikely role of hero, as he tiptoes through the evidence and endeavours to unravel the slightly batty, thoroughly baffling mystery - and work out just what a mutilated mink coat has to do with anything. 

Another enjoyable visit to Alderley and the unfortunate Earl of Burford, who is lovely but seems to attract trouble! The characterisation in this, the second of the series, is more confident, and the mystery itself is full of twists and turns. Spiffing fun! :o)

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