Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finish or Fling? - Wizard of Oz

And here, for all to see, is the date of this project. 1994. It could be about to sit its GCSEs, it's that old! Once upon a time, I dressed up as the Scarecrow with a group of people I was involved with, and we paraded through the streets of our town in their Festival parade. It certainly beat the previous year, when I'd dressed up as a mushroom for the same event, and so I decided to commemorate the occasion with a sampler and the help of Jo Verso's books. And for some reason I stopped before adding myself. I'm sure a psychotherapist type person could have a field day with that little nugget :o)

  • A reminder of a great day out with friends
  • A chance to finish an early design of mine

  • I don't like the style
  • Worked on aida

So - Finish or Fling?

Verdict: Fling. I have a professionally taken photo of us all (thanks to the local paper) and I don't need this too.


Nancy*Glory Bee said...

I wish I was as brave as you LOL, I just can't seem to throw anything out even though I know I won't finish the stitching on the piece~~~ever! Nancy

ragamuffin yogini said...

You are so brave....I have such a hard time with the sentimental things....I would hold onto that one just for the sentimental feelings....I may need the psychoanalyist to help me with that...You've inspired me again....I think I'll spend the day in my lair going over my UFOs and making some decisions.

Shay said...

I give you credit that you are willing to throw it away...I love all things Wizard of Oz so I wouldnt be able to get rid of it

Felicity said...

You won a prize during my blog competition. Please contact me via email at so that I can arrange delivery of said gift. Please leave a snail mail address too. Felicity