Monday, March 01, 2010

February Review

Well, here in my part of the UK, we seem to have missed the big storms that have battered our European neighbours, and March is coming in like a lamb ... and the lighter mornings are making me feel so much better, fingers crossed for a great Spring!

February is always a busy month for me, although it has got easier in recent years, as I'm no longer working in an industry which scheduled three major trade shows in the late January/February period. I still have to fit in three celebrations, including my birthday, and of course, the start of the new University semester! However, I managed to do a reasonable number of my goals:

Sew charms onto:

  • Bee Joyful - done!
  • Bee Merry - done!


Start and Finish:
  • February Biscornu - done!
  • 28 Innocent Smoothie Hats - 18 done!
  • One quilt block- not done. I have a huge mental block when it comes to this quilt...

Frog or Finish:
  • Colonnade Wrap - done! - well, the frogging part!

Frame or have Framed:
  • Bathroom Plaque - not done
  • Alphabet Sampler - not done
  • Bee My Honey Bee - not done
  • One to celebrate my birthday! - not done. I need to catch up on mailing the other giveaways I've had before I have another one...
  •  £20 for the MS Trust - not done. Donations for the month totalled £8.00, for which I'm grateful. I had secretly hoped for more, as I sent out over 60 copies of the Valentine Biscornu pattern and over 25 copies of the February Biscornu one, as well as some other designs, but I guess times are hard, and I mustn't get greedy.
Not scheduled, but done:
  • FTT Exchange Piece
  • February Block Flip It - Lizzie*Kate (Year of the UFO)
  • Happy Bunny Bunny Day - The Trilogy (Year of the UFO)
  • Blue Tit - Cross Stitcher (Year of the UFO)
  • Liberty Print Miniature - Liberty (Year of the UFO)
  • The White House - Rowandean (Year of the UFO)
  • Holly Berry Sampler - Bent Creek (Year of the UFO)
  • Country Cottage - Jolly Red (Year of the UFO)
  • E is for Embroidery - Prairie Schooler 
Some of the above only needed buttons, or a few stitches, but it looks impressive, doesn't it? :o) They will be blog fodder for the next week or so ...

Framed/taken to the framer:
  • Wooly Zipper - Bent Creek (Year of the UFO) (Framed)
  • Hearts Sampler - Heart in Hand (Year of the UFO) (Framed)
  • Do Well The Little Things - Moira Blackburn - taken to the framer for re-framing.

Onwards and upwards...

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