Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Finish or Fling? - Little Bee

This was an eBay purchase some time ago. The kit (by DMC) is stitched on 11 count (I think) aida and perle cotton. I think I actually got bored with the relatively large blocks of colour, and the shredding thread, as I can't find any counting errors...

  • It's a bee!
  • Large count, easy on the eyes
  • Cheerful colours

  • Aida
  • Perle thread, shreds a lot
  • No idea what to do with it when its finished

So - Finish or Fling? (I think I need some kind of cheesy announcer voice-over here)

Verdict: Finish. I think!


Jules said...

Finish...and make it into a pinkeep!

Barbara said...

Finish it, a pinkeep sounds nice, but I like the idea of maybe a coin purse, or a makeup bag, even a small design on the front of a regular size bag (can you tell I love to make bags, grin). After all it is part of your ID, advertise it. BarbM

ragamuffin yogini said...

Finish for sure, it is so cheery and fun!

Sharon said...

It's lovely!