Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stitching Meme

I'm sorry, there's still no pics of works in progress at the moment - I'm just running out of time here. There's been some issues at my main workplace and although some are resolved (yay!) some are on-going and I'm having to put in some more hours than I would like because there is a long weekend coming ... and after that a weekend away... holidays are great, but they get stressful beforehand!

Anyway, Anna over at Stitch Bitch had a little meme, so I thought I'd pass it on. I did change the wording to British spelling :op

What are your hobbies? knitting, needlecrafts, reading, Women's Institute, studying. I need to get back to doing yoga.
What crafts do you do
? cross stitch, embroidery, blackwork, hardanger, quilting, beading, knitting. I occasionally make cards.
What sounds do you craft along to? Usually, Radio 4. But come the cricket season, Test Match Special on Five Live Sports Extra. Cricket and crafting are a perfect combination. On knitting group nights - well, the conversation can be quite bizarre, but is always very funny!
First Project You Ever Made: The first one I remember is a cardboard star covered with blue glitter I made for Christmas. I wasn't quite four. Not long after that, my mum taught me to knit and I made a dishcloth.
Favourite Project: Oh lordy. What to choose? I think it's probably No Bees No Honey - it has a lot of good memories atttached to it.

Favourite Items to Make: I always get a thrill out of knitting socks.

What's your favourite...
: Anything that reminds me of autumn - golds, russets, plums, faded greens.
Movie: Local Hero
TV Show: I don't have a TV.
Band: It's a toss up between The Men They Couldn't Hang and Crowded House.
Book: You're asking someone who is going for a literature degree to choose one book? Okay, from the "classics" it has to be Persuasion by Jane Austen. For something a little more up to date, If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things.
Food: It's a toss up between good cheese and good chocolate. 
Craft: It used to be cross stitch, it's possibly a dead heat with knitting these days.

And you? What are your favourites?


Anna van Schurman said...

Thanks for playing! I know choosing favorite books is impossible. I have the same problem with food, honestly. I was watching a Miss Marple yesterday (one your lot made) and there was a slur against the WI made by one of the young jet setting men against Miss Marple. Is that one for the old lady count?

Carol said...

Fun to read about you, Nic! I'm right there with you on the favorite foods--love both chocolate and cheese so, so much. I'd have to throw homemade bread right from the oven in there, too :)

Pookledo said...

I'm fine knitting the first sock, but the second sock always gets to me. I'll have to have a go at knitting two at once some day!