Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bumble Bee Needleroll - Lorri Birmingham Designs

Whilst I was in a finishing mood last night, I also finished off the Bumble Bee Needleroll - one of my goals! The seam is a French seam, stitched by hand, so all raw edged are enclosed.

Stuffing needlerolls always takes longer than one would imagine, but I think it's important to tease out the stuffing, stuff firmly and evenly, and have a nice cylindrical shape! After all, what's a few minutes when one has spent several hours on the stitching, and is going to have the joy of looking at the finished piece for years? The trouble is, I'm torn - I'm impatient so I just want the thing finished, and have to curb my tendencies to cram all the stuffing in willy nilly but on the other hand I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and I want to do things properly! As I get older, the perfectionist side is coming out more, but the advantage to age is more experience, so I can achieve the results I want almost at the speed I want! LOL

Thanks to everyone who has commented so far on my blog - it is appreciated! I hope I don't ramble too much - I tried at first for a very factual blog, but then I found pieces had stories to tell, and I have to tell them! :o)


MarciNYC said...

Tell all the tales you need to tell - I enjoy seeing your finished pieces, some of which are so you and others I wonder about. :) It's an inspiration to me - although I still haven't picked up a needle again. I keep contemplating selling my stash, but some day I'll probably regret doing that so I hesitate.

Sally said...

All your latest finishes are lovely Nic. I love the needlerolls.

Nic said...

Marci - I wonder which ones you wonder about :o) Wait until I get to finish some of the UFOs, they will almost certainly be in that category!

Sally - I love needlerolls too - although I think Biscornu are now more fashionable! LOL But making one of those up looks a bit frightening :o)

MarciNYC said...

Well, the strawberries caught me by surprise. Didn't really picture you a berry girl, but if you say you have a lot.

Bring on the UFOs - leave me scratching my head and thinking, "Whatever did she see in that?!?!"

Sally said...

Nic, don't be afraid of biscornus:) They are easy to do once you get the hang of them and I love them. I've only made three so far but can me making more:)